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It’s a complicated area that can freak you out, but VAT requires constant attention, with regular submissions to HMRC. If you mess it up, they’ll come for you, potentially even with an investigation. If you do it all right, however, you might even reduce your VAT bill.

We’re experts with VAT. We’ll give you proper strategic advice, and dedicated support with all the admin taken care of. Be it VAT registration, the VAT return itself, or any questions you may have – we’re on top of it.


We used to spend hours each VAT quarter printing all invoices and statements off for our accountant, now it just gets sorted for us.

Dan | MAD Flooring Solutions

Depending on what goods you’re using you’ll find that some goods or services have different VAT ratings. There are a variety of different schemes and rules that apply if you’re in construction (VAT reverse charge for example), as well as knowing when to actually register your business.

We’ll make sure that you’re compliant with MTD (Making Tax Digital) too, which is vital for the future of your business operations.

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