As a joiner, you know how important it is to get everything signed off ahead of time. Making sure you know where you’re going to be working, as well as keeping track of all of your finances, is a real mental juggling act that requires you to be on top of your game, all the time. Plus, you’re always working with new people and on different projects, so it can be easy to feel burnt out or drained.

We’re here to give you the support you need. Pulling together all of your existing records, we’ll connect the dots and put things where they should be. In one coherent cloud-based accounting system. Then you’ll be able to access your finances whenever you want. Simple as.


    When Jordan’s not trying to be funny, he actually does a cracking job of keeping me on the right track. The switch from my previous accountant was very straight forward and he even got me a refund from work they hadn’t done. He just gets the job sorted!

    Craig | CJS Interiors North East Ltd

    You’ll have to comply with CIS as well, but don’t worry – we’ve got that under control too. We’ll check your status, making sure you’re properly registered with HMRC and will give you the options you need to make it work for you.

    If you want to understand the differences in tax rates and how this will affect you, then we’ll do that, as well. If you’re unsure or stuck, we’ve got advice and information that will make things clearer and easier for you.

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    Don’t waste any more time. Give us a call, and let’s chat. Even if you just want to find out a bit more, we get it. Sometimes you can’t tell whether someone is having you on unless you get them on the end of the phone, but we’ll be honest and open. We’re excited to see how we can help you.

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