Do tradesmen even need an accountant?

Are you joking, man? Of course they do. This is like asking whether I really need a plumber or electrician – no, don’t worry, lads, I’ll get stuck in myself with a roll of duct tape and a bargain spanner set from Wilko’s.

At this time of year, when you’ve got to get a tax return in by the end of the month, an accountant will get it done faster and better than you can do it yourself. And then, throughout the year, we do a lot more for you, too.


Don’t do it all yourself

We’ve all been on site and had to pick up the slack – sadly it’s what happens when you’re a really good grafter.

But your business’s finances aren’t somewhere where you should always be doing the work. In fact, it will make you more stressed, get less done, and risk everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Accounting can work for you how you want it. If it’s keeping a close eye on your books, or checking you’re not paying too much tax, it’s sometimes just as simple as being another pair of eyes in the room.

I know from experience that it’s hard to give up control of something you love doing, but if it benefits you in the long run outsourcing can only be the best course of action.


Tradesmen advice

If your business is smashing it, then you would be dumb not to hire an accountant, especially with the potential complexities of the construction industry scheme to navigate.

The advice you get from an industry pro is going to help your business and your finances really level up.

You’ll be able to look at your cashflow and say “this is doing well and this isn’t”, and get an actual response from someone who understands the numbers in depth.

Then come the weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself knowing that everything’s under control.

If you’re growing your business, hiring more staff or expanding your premises it just makes sense to have your money taken care of by someone else.

We can look at what you’re doing and offer you insight into processes you hadn’t even considered before, because you simply weren’t aware of them.


Secure the bag

Funnily enough managing your money properly gives you more room for spending on your business. We can find you all kinds of things you can claim on or be eligible for that will make your bank account happy.

I’ve helped many small businesses get a grant they didn’t know they were eligible for, boosting their cashflow position in the process.

You’ll get to see the real benefits of having everything on your phone, too.

Cloud accounting is a game changer – no more crappy spreadsheets filling up your PC. Just a constant connection to all your most important documents.

If your accountant is worth his salt then he’ll set that up for you – we always do.


Not all accountants are pricks

And that’s just it – it’s so common to think of accountants as boring old gits in a suit. And while there are plenty of those stuffy sorts still knocking about, the stereotype is changing.

Take me, for example – I wear our orange branded hoodie everywhere I go. I’ve got a beard and I like a good laugh. I also just happen to be an accountant who loves helping tradespeople sort their finances out. Times are changing!

For help with your 2020/21 tax return, give us a call today.

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