Level up your business – buy a van!

Is it worth you buying your own van? If you’re self-employed you may find that it’s too much money, but there are some real benefits to be had.

Getting a van might well be the next step you need to take your trades business to the next level. When all’s said and done, can you afford to slip behind the competition?

We’ll have a look at where this could make you better.


Why buy a van?

Buying a van has some pros and cons. It’s not just about getting your own four wheels and then off you go. If you can’t afford it from the get-go, it’s probably not the best business decision for you, unless you have really good reasons.

But if you can afford it, a van will offer you a mobile office of sorts. You’ll be able to expand your inventory with the storage space that a van offers – no more slinging stuff in the boot of your normal car.


How does it run?

Depending on your field, you’ll want to get a van that’s suitable for the cause. A builder has different needs to a scaffolder for example – a flatbed lorry is going to be more suitable for the latter, whereas a standard 3 door would suffice for the former.

Then you’ve got to work out whether you want to buy new or pre-owned. Obviously, a pre-owned van is going to be cheaper, but will it be more reliable? If you’re going to be spending hours on the road, a new van might be the best option.

We’d always say get a mechanic to look at your van first, but if that’s not possible, you can do a few checks yourself before you commit.

Check the axels and exhausts to see if there’s any existing damage and get a HPI check going in the background. If you can, take the van out for a test drive too. This should make you feel better about parting with your hard-earned cash.

When it comes to maintaining your van, you’ll want to assess how well it runs on a monthly basis. Something like tyre pressure can make a massive difference to how much you pay in fuel, so it’s worth keeping an eye on all the important metrics.


Make it your own

You’ll be able to increase your own visibility with custom made branding. Vinyl sheet branding can run as cheap as £100 per vehicle, and a custom look can be vital for getting you recognised in and around your local area.

You need your clients to remember who you are – whether they’re out and about and happen to spot you, or via word of mouth:

“You can’t miss his van, it’s the one with the bright orange letters!”

Keeping your appearances up isn’t just about what you want your van to look like. It’s about how you’re perceived.


How we can help

We’re your sounding board for any of your decisions. We’ve advised countless businesses and tradesmen alike on what to do in this kind of situation.

If you need some proper tailored advice on buying a van. Get in touch today, and we’ll talk it through.

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