Charlotte Connolly


What kind of tool are you?
I would be the organised tool, I like to keep everything in order and running smoothly.

How would you explain your job to a non-accountant?
Taking care of the books and all the technical “shite” so clients can just focus on running their business.

Describe your perfect weekend?
Spending time with my husband and the dogs; taking a long walk and watching some UFC.

What don’t you like?
Calling HMRC – spending hours listening to their awful hold music or being hung up on without getting your problem answered. But it’s a necessary evil to help our clients and stop them from going through the same pain.

What’s your favourite thing about working at For the Trade?
The atmosphere – it doesn’t feel like coming to work; the craic’s mint, the clients are canny and it’s just a fun and flexible environment.

Cut the shit - let's talk

Don’t waste any more time. Give us a call, and let’s chat. Even if you just want to find out a bit more, we get it. Sometimes you can’t tell whether someone is having you on unless you get them on the end of the phone, but we’ll be honest and open. We’re excited to see how we can help you.

In person

Come in and grab a cuppa.

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